Brendon Prince

Brendon Prince

Paddler & World Record Holder

A devoted husband and father living in the stunning English Riviera, Brendon Prince is an experienced waterman, lifeguard and teacher on a mission to raise awareness of water safety. Born and raised in Southern Wales, Brendon spent his formative years in and around the river bordering his family home. After completing his PE and Outdoor Education degree at Exeter University, Brendon would spend the next 25 years of life teaching water sports and water safety as the Head of Outdoor Education at SW Boys Grammar School.

Unbeknownst to Brendon, his life was about to change forever. In 2014, Brendon was surfing when he witnessed the drowning of three souls at Mawgan Porth beach. An off-duty lifeguard at the time, the event drastically changed the trajectory of Brendon’s life. He founded his charity Above Water in 2017, and would resign from teaching just two years later to fully dedicate himself to raising awareness of water safety in the UK.

In April 2021, Brendon took on the ultimate endurance challenge – to circumnavigate mainland Britain on a stand up paddle board. His ultimate goal was to raise awareness of unnecessary drownings and crowdfund the development of the world’s first water safety app. All in the name of charity and good fun, Brendon would complete his journey just 141 days later having not only completed his journey, but also setting several world records in the process.

Harry Thompson

Harry Thompson

Lead Support Crew

Harry is a key member of the Long Paddle team. He facilitated all the day-to-day necessities during The Long Paddle and supported the crew with food, safety, tech and accommodation. He also liaised with the other crew and family members back in Devon.

Zoe Powell

Zoe Powell


Zoe holds the keys to The Long Paddle 2021. During Brendon’s journey, she oversaw the day-to-day administrative duties and kept everyone up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding The Long Paddle 2021, please speak to Zoe first.


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