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Volunteer Support

This world record attempt is totally dependant on volunteers offering their support as land crew. Brendon will be paddling each daily session from the land with no boat support.

Consequently, Brendon is totally dependant on the support of the land crew.

The land crew will be based in a vehicle which will be the mobile base camp. Admin, cooking and sleeping will all be conducted from this vehicle. The attempt is expected to last 3 months from late April and the support vehicle needs two crew at all times.

Could you be support crew?
  • Have you got a spare few days or a week to offer support?
  • Have you got a mate, friend, family who would like to join you?
  • Have you got the means to meet the support crew (where ever this is in Britain) for a smooth change over of crew?
  • Have you got a fun sense of humour?
  • Have you got a driving license (crucially, one of the two crew must be able and willing to drive)?
  • Do you know your local area ‘like the back of your hand’, would you like to sharing your local knowledge to help our planning when we visit your part of the coastline?
  • Do you live near the coast and can offer a bed, evening meal or your driveway for one of our stop overs?
  • Do you own a hotel, caravan park, camping facility near the beach and can offer your facilities to us?
  • What about your ability to cook (ideally, one of the two crew must be able and willing to cook)
  • Normal patterns of sleeping and times to eat will be chaotic. Night paddles, breakfast in the evening and lunch at breakfast could be the norm!
  • Are you OK with cramped, busy, wet conditions and to just muck in and play your part in creating a world record?
  • Did we mention…Great sense of humour needed, with a glass half full mentality (essential…no mood hoovers!)

If you are interested, drop us a message to talk more…


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