What board is Brendon using?

Brendon's board is a SIC Bullet 14@ by 30" wide.

What paddle is Brendon using?

Brendon's paddles are the Blackfish Andaman, one piece and two piece paddles.

What safety equipment is Brendon carry to ensure his safety?

He has personal comms: Apple Iwatch with sim card, two phones on different networks, a RHF radio. He also has a satellite transponder, a GPS transponder and an EPIRB. He also ensure he has reflective sticks on his board and reflective material in his clothes as well as carrying an electronic flare.

What aspects in plotting and navigating for each paddle session does Brendon have to consider?

The weather and wind direction, a head wind of over 20mph makes most passages extremely difficult. A side on chop or tail wind can be worked with. Brendon also considers tidal flow and refers to tidal flow chart to ensure each passage is complimented by the tide. He also considers the temperature of the day and the sun, due to understand on and off shore winds.

What about food and nutition?

Brendon burns about 750 calories per hour on the paddle board so appropriate nutrition and sustenance will be considered at all time. Hydration is hugely important and he will have to take on litres and litres of water throughout each session. Brendon's personal favourite are his wife's secret recipe "power balls" with each one packing a punch of around 2000 calories.

How does Brendon pass the time whilst paddling?

Within a paddle session Brendon does listen to music when safe to do so. He loves his AC/DC, INXS and Duran Duran.

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